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Labelled as mentally retarded, intellectually challenged, disabled, or sometimes “bechaaras” by the society, Tanmay, Vikas, Bharat, Shaishav, Shiva and Tarit are breaking the norms of the so-called “NORMAL”.
For two years they have been trained in the skill of photography by Mohit Ahuja, an advertising professional who also happens to be a sibling to an intellectually-challenged elder sister.
In this short span of time, they have worked for brands like Harley Davidson India, Panasonic Lumix, Gurgaon Moms, Rohit Bal, The Princess Diya Kumari Foundation, ShowSha Baaz Caravan, Rasavatta and many more.
They are now also the featured photographers for Panasonic India and have been the brand ambassadors of the initiative called #BeyondFrames, their second exhibition held at Photo Video Asia 2018, followed by their third exhibition at CEIF2019.

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I was shy at first and so were they, it took a while (short while) then it was all laughter and amazing photos from then on... 
They took amazing pictures and  they are as amazing as the photos they took.

I'm always up for a shoot with them.


Model | Tattoo Artist

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My experience with the KnowDisability team was as beautiful as one can imagine!
I had an absolute ball being on the set and the time spent will be so cherished always by my heart for it was so truthful, the love, the passion and the zeal to create art.
Looking forward to yet another session!

Aastha Mittal
Artist | Writer

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