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Diagnosed with ADHD and an IQ level of 55/60, Bharat is 41 years old.
The doctors have labelled him as extremely hyper active as he could not focus on anything for 5 minutes. As a result, he lagged behind at education with hardly any progress at written/motor skills. However he could understand verbal English and Hindi. The journey from his childhood till today has been quite tough.
Post his schooling in Air Force Golden Institute he worked in stationary enterprises for 9 years. He was appreciated for the work there but his parents always believed he was meant for higher grounds. In 2016, Bharat's mother got in touch with us at KnowDisability.

We noticed that his inferences had always been a plus point and decided to focus on the same. Initially it was a much tougher call than it is today, but with time Bharat caught up and despite a slant in his vision, he has a keen eye for details. Today, he's 3 exhibitions and numerous shoots old and while he still has attention deficiency as a trait, he is getting all the attention from anyone who sees his work.


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