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20-year-old Shaishav was born with Down syndrome. He underwent a heart surgery a few months post his birth and spent many nights in hospitals. At that time, the family’s biggest challenge was his physical health and as he started getting older, his routine filled with various therapies and special education and little time for living his childhood. Acceptance and friendships were a long way coming, but that didn’t bow him down.
Vocationally, Shaishav’s family faced a lot of challenges at helping him find a hobby/passion that he could turn into an engaging activity or a lifestyle. After trying to push him into pottery and music, Shaishav’s family got in touch with Today, Shaishav, who barely knew how to use the flash on his phone camera once cannot step out of the house to even buy his groceries without his DSLR camera. His love for fitness has taught him discipline. He not only uses Youtube to watch videos but also to make his own videos to share his fitness tips with children and young adults like himself.
He has grown from a little boy into an opinionated young man with goals and dreams bigger than a typical young adult. With clients like Red Fort Harley Davidson, Lumix India and Gurgaon Moms, Shaishav likes to be called “The Expert Photographer” and we don’t think he deserves any less.


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