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Tarit Khanna (26) was born with congenital heart defect and diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. Thankfully, his mom had theoretical knowledge about his disability so was able to prepare better than others around her. It was his mother’s will that despite this anomaly in Tarit, he should have as normal a life as possible.
Tarit was a happy and an alert child from the go. He bravely went through an open-heart surgery at the age of 2 and thereafter, even to the doctors’ surprise, he showed a growth in his milestones by leaps and bounds.
Th family tried their hands at doing all they could for Tarit. Concessions had to be made in regards to his education. He was enrolled with institutions like Vasant Valley, Four Steps, SASR and finally Shaurya Center. The aim was to make him as much as self-reliant as possible but no professional goal was thought of as such.
In 2016, Tarit’s family got in touch with Mohit at and decided to take the plunge into a one-of-its-kind initiative.
In almost 2 and a half years, Tarit has developed a plethora of skills and now is trying his best to be a serious photographer. Being highly social is working to his advantage as well and he is a good team player. Last checked Tarit’s IQ had increased from 55 to 70 and so has his confidence after working for 3 exhibitions and clients like Nobility for Ability and Gurgaon Moms.


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