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If there's anything we can do for the
specially-abled, it is to celebrate the fact that they are special.

We work with superhumans everyday to hone their special skills through tailor-made certificate courses.

mother with her daughter with down syndrome award winner at Global Ability Photography Challenge

Shalini S. Gupta,
Bangalore, India

After numerous exhibitions,
many awards and multiple sold photographs, all I can say as a parent is that Mohit has helped my daughter realize her life long dream in a patient, respectful and supportive manner as none other in the field. talented student of photography and photoshop course

Pawan Singhal
Delhi, India

Mohit has not only imparted valuable knowledge and skills but has also played an instrumental role in shaping Shaishav's journey as a photographer. The wholesome and genuine care exhibited throughout the mentorship journey is a testament to Mohit's passion for nurturing talent and fostering a love for photography.

professional photographer with intellectual disabilities students of knowdisability,org

Parini Delhivala
Ahmedabad, India

Mohit sir has sharpened Sharan's photography skill in this past 3.5 years. We now have a studio set up in our house. Sharan also got the opportunity to click pictures at different public and private events. I feel so proud when I see my son holding a DSLR

A sibling's journey from why to why not

Growing up with Neeru, I learnt words like Autism, Downs Syndrome, ADHD at a pretty early age. Having an elder sister with a neuro-diverse condition named Apert Syndrome made me realize very early in life that things will never be the same for her and people like her because they are different. The way she held her toothbrush, the way she murmured a repetitive tune, the way she smiled to herself and then suddenly acted all frustrated, it was all we don’t “normally” see

BA 2.jpg

But, as I grew up more, I realized that while the way they might look and speak differently, maybe even think a little differently (which we all do), they are individuals just like us, created by the creator. We walked on the same earth and breathed the same air, but for Neeru and people like her there were not many opportunities to show the world what they are capable of.


"It's never going to get any better!", I was told by people.


However, we differently-abled families have one thing in abundance, hope. I decided to
stop looking at what was “normally” happening in the field of disability and thought of
taking a little risk. I just wanted to explore what these "Superhumans" can achieve.

A pilot project is what I called it.


It's been 9 years since that first day when I was standing in front of a group of such neuro-diverse individuals, nervous, ready to get surprised, hoping they would give me one chance
to work with them. Since then, till this day, they haven't proved me wrong even once.

Even today I am as surprised by what all people like my sister can achieve.

Even today, the “normal” world has no idea about the potential they have. Even today, like everyday,

I look forward to being surprised by these individuals, and when it happens,
I tell myself, "This is just the beginning!"


Join me in a journey I have undertaken to cross the bridge of Neuro-diversity and create Neuro-Powered individuals. Sign up for a course that excites you and together let’s create a new reality where

being neuro-diverse is counted as a blessing and nothing less.


Sending you love & hope.

Mohit Ahuja,


600+ Students



jeeveshu ahluwalia  photoshoot with photography students

In my profession I meet loads of people but barely a few leave a lasting impact, and, the team that I met was one of them. They made me look as awesome as I can and that's a tough job (I know it). Its just not about being professional but the love and warmth that one encounters meeting all the "Rockstars" is a feeling you rarely feel and it never leaves your mind. I was lucky that students, participants and the whole team was kind to me as it was one-in-a-million moments that I cherish. I can't wait to be back for my next one, if only I am that lucky. I send all my love and luck in all that these beautiful people strive for.

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia
Stand-up Comedian & Actor

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