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Bharat Kumar


Very grateful to Mohit Ahuja the mentor for photography of my son Bharat Kumar who is Attention Deficit Hyperactive young adults With 55/60 IQ. He is very compassionate dedicated and hard working with special needs person.
I could never imagin that Bharat could develop such a fine skill despite his challenges. He has developed into a professional photographer, has participated in number of exhibitions, has awards to his credit in photography competitions, covered many events along with his group of four known as Unique Eye. Photography has changed his personality.

boy with ADHD learning professional photography
Photoshoot of Arvinder Singh Sunny Radio Jockey by intellectually abled students of Knowdisability

It was quite a learning experience and an absolutely fun time was had! I was a little apprehensive at first as I had never really "posed" for a professional photo session before but I was made to feel totally comfortable and was blown away by the enthusiasm and the professionalism with which it was approached by all the participants. Thank you! Kudos and all the best for your future endeavours!

Arvinder Singh (Sunny)
Architect | Radio Jockey

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