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The very first ones to have been mentored at, these are the students who are now professional photographers. Not only do they have umpteen number of great pictures to showcase, but also a plethora of individuals and brands admire the work they do and even today trust them for their shoots.

(Students' profiles displayed in alphabetical order)

Bharat (Small).jpg

Bharat (ADHD)

Diagnosed with ADHD and an IQ level of 55/60, Bharat is 41 years old. We noticed that his inferences had always been a plus point and decided to focus on the same. Initially it was a much tougher call than it is today, but with time Bharat caught up and despite a slant in his vision, he has a keen eye for details. Today, he's 3 exhibitions and numerous shoots old and while he still has attention deficiency as a trait, he is getting all the attention from anyone who sees his work.


Shiva is one of our students who has the sharpest eye when it comes to shooting small objects with intricate details. 

He started by surprising us with his work with a stock camera lens and it was mind-blowing to see him achieve what any photographer would need a macro lens to shoot. Shiva is gifted and one very fine photographer.

Shiva (Slow Learner)

Rohan photograph_edited.jpg

Rohan (Downs Syndrome)

Always on the run, always with a camera in his hand, and always talking about how many photos he has clicked and edited. That's Rohan for you. A talented photographer who easily wins over anyone with his mischievous smile and his zeal to take pictures. Rohan has exhibited his pictures at exhibitions across the country and continues to follow his passion professionally.

Varun Naren_edited.jpg

Varun is a fun loving and witty photographer.

A baker, a coder and an artist, Varun weaves his stories through his art. His photos have been selected at exhibitions across the country. He now also conducts online and offline workshops for brands teaching them how to doodle.

Varun (Fragile X)

Shaishav (Small).jpg

Shaishav (Downs Syndrome)

Shaishav has grown from a little boy into a photographer with clients like Red Fort Harley Davidson, Lumix India and Gurgaon Moms, Shaishav likes to be called “The Expert Photographer” and we don’t think he deserves any less.

He is fondly referred to as Master Ji by his teacher as he loves mentoring other people and dreams of opening his own photography studio in future.

Bihag Srinivas_edited.jpg

Bihag  (Autism)

Bihag is a naturally gifted artist, who was always interested in drawing, music, singing, reading and modelling. He has developed a keen interest in Photography and film making. It has been 3 years since he has been training in these art forms. Bihag's work has been put up in multiple exhibitions across India and he's now ready to take professional assignments. 

Tanmay (Small) (1).jpg

Tanmay once had social inactiveness and took a lot of time to open up to new people. In a little less than a 4 years, Tanmay has not only taken up photography and music but also participated in two exhibitions.

He was also featured in an international film on Disability by the global brand, Unilever.

Tanmay (Downs Syndrome)

Vikas (Small).jpg

Vikas, was born with dyslexia, but he is pretty independent and was quick to pick up the skill of photography. Vikas has done shoots for various individuals like Princess Diya Kumari, Rohit Bal and the stand-up comedian and actor Jeeveshu Ahluwalia.

Vikas (Dyslexia)


Gayatri (Downs Syndrome)

Gayatri is a very talented photographer and acrylic artist. Gayatri loves to travel and cook too. Street, people and food photography excite her.  She has been practicing as a photographer and has shot multiple events. Her pictures have also been put up in various exhibitions across India.


Sharan is a passionate photographer from Ahmedabad. He has sold the most pictures out of all our students till date. He has also passed the Senior Brown Belt in Karate. He is a dancer and plays different musical instruments. He is a young Entrepreneur. His brand name is "Svapas by Sharan". He sells products created from his Art Works. He wants to take up Photography as a profession and is constantly taking up assignments to get better at the art.

Sharan (Downs Syndrome)

Tarit (Small).jpg

In 2016, Tarit joined the photography course at
In almost 7 years, Tarit has developed into a serious photographer. Last checked Tarit’s IQ had increased from 55 to 70 and so has his confidence after working for 3 exhibitions and clients like Nobility for Ability and Gurgaon Moms.

Tarit (Downs Syndrome)

P1040010 (Large).jpg

It was quite a learning experience and an absolutely fun time was had! I was a little apprehensive at first as I had never really "posed" for a professional photo session before but I was made to feel totally comfortable and was blown away by the enthusiasm and the professionalism with which it was approached by all the participants. Thank you! Kudos and all the best for your future endeavours!

Arvinder Singh (Sunny)
Architect | Radio Jockey

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